Eat, Explore and Experience

Things You Can Do

Below are activities you can participate in.

Kiulu River White Water Rafting

Our place is half way between Mount Kinabalu National Park and Kota Kinabalu city. In Kiulu Valley there are companies that provide half day rafting packages in the river below us. The river below us is about an hours hike straight down through a rough jungle track from our place. If your interested in rafting we can help you arrange, the pickup point will be from Tamparuli.

Mountain Bikes

There are some great mountain bike options closeby our place. Please let us know and we are more than happy to assist with the arrangements.

Witness Wild Animals

Please let us know if you would like to go on walks around the area. There are animals around, such a deer, slow loris, wild cats and possibly tarsiers. We have seen all these creatures not far from our house, and the tarsier has been listed as it is been seen from a very reliable source!

Trails & Trekking

The trails closest to us are quite challenging due to the steep terrain but well worth it for awesome views and pretty jungle. Easier options are around the flat lands of Tamparuli and Tuaran district. If you are interested in this we can help you arrange with our preferred operators.

BBQ Is Available At The Big Guesthouse

We have a large BBQ for your use, a small fee for charcoal, no charge if you bring your own charcoal.

Pick Your Own Fruits

As we are an orchard you can expect fruit. Normally fruiting season is around July/August so you can expect to enjoy durian, rambutan, tarap and cempadak, to name a few, from our place. We have alot of pineapples which fruit as they please, so if you can beat the squirrels to them they are juicy and ohh so sweet! We normally enjoy from the markets banana, watermelon, papaya, mango and other local fruits that are on our table year round.

Places of Interests

Wednesday Tamparuli Tamu

Weekly farmers’ market along the river

Tamparuli Bridge

The most famous suspension bridge of Sabah

Tamparuli Police Station

Beside the station is Jalan Tamparuli Togop, drive along towards Kg Bawang then to Jalan Kiwoi Lingga Bambangan

Rumah Terbalik

Also known as the Upside Down House

Towards Mount Kinabalu

We are very near to Mount Kinabalu!

Hiking at Bukit Perahu

Excellent trail for trekking, catch the best view of Tamparuli town

White Water Rafting

Located at Kiulu River, one of the best in Sabah

Kg. Bawang

The start of an exciting mountain bike track along old Jalan Togop road connecting to Tamparuli Ranau highway

Kg. Kiwoi

Try a game of elevated Futsal court tucked in the hills

Kg. Lingga Baru

Home of the bamboo orchestra, SK Lingga Baru has the best view of the valley

Kg. Bambangan

Popular with extreme hikers connected via footbridge across Kiulu River

Suspension Footbridge

Connects Kg Bambangan with Kg Malangang Ba